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(Broadway 2019)

“Kate Marilley stepped into Dee Dee's leopard-print ensembles with gusto, making like Eva Perón in front of the entire community, having a conniption fit over the loss of her Hamptons beach house, and reprising the eleven o'clock number from her biggest hit show.”  - David Barbour of Lighting & Sound America 

“ ...her standby, Kate Marilley, went on.  You’d hardly think it possible, as the standby in a musical, especially on the heels of an opening night, has an obligation to slot into the ensemble and deliver a performance that doesn’t disrupt the group gestalt, but Ms. Marilley managed to do that and in addition, put her own spin on things. If she’s still available when Ms. Leavel leaves, and not first choice to replace…well, she’d have to be. Thus spake Zarathustra. And nothing taken away from the extraordinary Ms. Leavel; but when Ms. Marilley wasn’t there, I missed her.”  - by David Spencer of Aisle Say New York


(The Denver Center)

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“Give a grateful nod to the show’s director for casting once again Kate Marilley as Judy Haynes...Blonde Judy is positively vivacious...Marilley’s bold dancing greets you at the door with a smile.”  - By Lisa Kennedy of The Denver Post 

Kate Marilley as Judy Haynes did all the heavy hoofing and really rose to the occasion!”  - By Michael Mulhern of BroadwayWorld Denver


(Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival) 

 “Among Applegate's gambits to keep Joe Boyd on the dark side is Lola (Kate Marilley), his most reliable home-wrecker. Marilley brings equal parts comedic and dance chops to the character, from clumsily trying to seduce her mark in "Whatever Lola Wants" to anchoring the show's most dazzling ensemble dance number in "Two Lost Souls."  By David Wilcox of The Citizen

“Devilish temptress Lola (Kate Marilley) has become an unanticipated comedienne, putting a kind of mock Carmen Miranda spin on the memorable “Whatever Lola Wants.” There’s real affection in her duet, “Two Lost Souls,” with hunky jock Joe Hardy.”  - By James MacKillop of The Syracuse New Times


(Pioneer Theatre Company)

“Kate Marilley as Lettie brings a colorful element to the cast as the maid. The bawdy interpretation of “Problematical Solution (The Dinghy Song)” had the Blue Hairs blushing around me and more than one audience member on my way out noted that was their favorite from the night.”  - by David Mortensen of The Utah Theatre Bloggers Association 


(Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival) 

“Sheila ,the older, more experienced performer, who is snappily portrayed by Kate Marilley.” - By Tony Curulla of

“Standing out, the comedy comes from the fine work of Kate Marilley as the sassy Sheila.” By Joy Crocker of The Post Standard



“Best is Kate Marilley in the lead role...She understands the deadpan humor required for Nina.” By Erik Haagensen of Backstage


(Fullerton Civic Light Opera)

“Kate Marilley has the long limbs and lustrous features that make Miss Turnstiles, Ivy Smith, come alive in dance.”  

By Don Shirley of the L.A. Times

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